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“There is no failure, only feedback on what works and what doesn’t.”


No matter what Bruce Ang is doing, or where he decides to go, one thing is for sure – success. From award-winning financial consultant to award-winning Real Estate Salesperson, the Assistant Associate Division Director has always put his clients and his Salespersons at the top of his priorities. So no matter what your needs, you can rest assured that you are in good hands when you call Bruce.


A financial services consultant for 10 years with AIA, Bruce made his mark in the insurance industry. He achieved the prestigious and coveted Million Dollar Round Table award consecutively for 5 years, won the highest honour in AIA twice with the Centurion award, and was an Executive Financial Services Consultant for 3 years in a row.

While making his way to the peak of the industry, Bruce was always looking out for new opportunities, and possible changes to the market. When the 2008 instability in the financial world posed a threat to the industry, Bruce decided that it was time to take action.

He saw that there were opportunities in the real estate market, and knowing how similar the skill sets are, Bruce swiftly decided that he needed to open himself up to the opportunity, and obtained a second license for real estate.


Bruce began his journey in the real estate industry in January 2009. Working the HDB market, his knowledge and competence grew along with his client base. He quickly realised that he was doing better in this market than in insurance, and Bruce made the call to dedicate his resources completely to the real estate industry, becoming a full-time Salesperson in 2012.

Winning awards and making it to the top of the achievers list, Bruce also heard about the Powerful Negotiators, and their brand, support and system became a strong pulling point for him. Bruce’s analytical skills were persuaded, and he made the move in June 2013.


From the HDB market in Woodlands during his first years as a Salesperson, Bruce has brought his expertise to the homeowners and investors in Bukit Merah and Jurong West. With these clients, Bruce tirelessly works to bring them their dream homes, and has a speciality in upgrading his clients from their HDB flats to Executive Condominiums or owning two private properties.

Already unlike the average Salesperson, who focuses solely on the selling and buying of properties, Bruce takes his role one step further. Having completed more than millions’ worth of property transactions, the experienced Salesperson can spot value from afar, giving his clients the edge with a higher rental yield or larger capital appreciation. More than that, Bruce works with his private and landed property investors to analyse their investments and restructure their property portfolio allocation, helping his clients to grow their wealth further. With these points of focus, Bruce is also well-versed in the skills, techniques and knowledge to make it happen, whether it’s decoupling to free up a borrower for an 80% loan, restructuring a portfolio to include better asset classes or finding an under-valued property.

Bruce has knowledge not only in the residential but also the various commerical classes of property. He also continuously sharpens his skills and knowledge and is equipped with the most updated information on the stategies related to property investment and structuring.  

Apart from his sales, Bruce is also focusing on recruiting and training his own team of top Salespersons.

Awards And Accolades

Since coming into the industry full-time, Bruce has been winning multiple Top Achiever awards within his division and at the company level, including the company-wide Top 10th Achiever award in 2012. After joining the Powerful Negotiators, Bruce has won the Top 30 Individual Producer award, an impressive achievement considering the thousands of Salespersons in PropNex Realty Pte Ltd.

Not only has Bruce won multiple awards, he has also won praise from his clients, who have been impressed and pleased with Bruce’s competence, diligence, dedication and tenacity to reaching their goals and objectives. Some of his testimonials include:

“In my past years dealing with many other agents for my father’s properties, Bruce has stood out from the rest and has proven himself to be an honest, determined, very hardworking, helpful and responsible agent. He has distinguished himself from the other agents as someone whose service attitude and attention to detail is astounding. I am very impressed with Bruce’s dedication to his clients, fulfilling their requests and ultimately creating many happy clients.

I am also truly impressed by his determination towards helping us secure a good price for Teresa Ville. We knew it will not be an easy task, but his result has proven us wrong. We even told him that we were fine with a lower asking price, but he believed this is not the way to service his clients (and that it is his duty to act in the interests of his clients) and the result truly proves his capability.

Given his pleasant personality and professional work ethics, I have no hesitation to serve as a reference for Bruce if there is a need. I believe that Bruce will be an asset to any company.” ~ Lee Chee Tiong.

“You get the 'above and beyond the call of duty award' in the Realtor class. Thanks so much for your help and friendship." ~ George and Kim lpe.

"As a first-time home buyer, I was anxious and uncertain about my choices and I really appreciate the time you took to guide me through the process and help me make my decision. I also really appreciate your negotiating on my behalf as I felt I could have been in a difficult position with the seller and it took some delicate negotiation to ensure the outcome I wanted. I know you carried most of the burden to make sure the sale happened and that unofficially, you did the work of both listing and selling broker. I was really pleased that you were advocating for me during this process and I couldn't have asked for a better result." ~ Chan Wai Foo.


If you have been impressed by Bruce’s awards and his service to his clients, you should also be impressed that Bruce has recruited and trained top Salespersons as well – including the company-wide Top Rookie in 2012.

And after moving to the Powerful Negotiators, Bruce is better equipped to train even more Salespersons. Having seen the industry from the eyes of different companies, he is in a better position to show the differences and point out strengths.

“Our group’s strength is in the extensive and in-depth training; the monthly ‘power up’ sessions that are provided give the team the support and know-how to keep succeeding in the industry. Best of all, these trainings are provided free of charge,” Bruce says, commenting that many other groups provide training for a fee. He also points out the strength of the i-Deal app that the team has developed, which makes a Salesperson’s job easier.

Individually, Bruce’s style of mentoring is to share the specific how-to, and to have one-on-one meetings to ensure that his Salespersons understand what is taught in the lessons.

“I will go through the calculations with them individually, and give them support 24/7. They can call me any time,” Bruce says, “I will also give them their first leads, help them to secure their first presentations, and follow them down to show them and help them through the meetings and negotiations.”

“But I’m teaching them to fish instead of giving them the fish, so that they are able to stay for a lifetime in this industry. If they make a mistake, I’ll alert them, so that they will learn.”

What does Bruce look for in his Salespersons? Those who are hardworking, persevering, and believe in integrity. These traits are important for an aspiring Top Salesperson to accept and work through the challenges that they may face.

“You need to work hard and play hard, and have the mindset that there is no failure, only feedback on what works and what doesn’t.”

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